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Our group offers a range of courses relating to insect biology, plant-insect interactions, and the role of communication in mediating interspecific ecological interactions. These courses are targeted primarily to students in Environmental Systems Science (D-USYS), Biology (D-BIOL), and other life-science disciplines, and are designed to provide students with an clear understanding of core concepts, as well as familiarity with important open questions in basic and applied science and the research techniques and methods that can be brought to bear on such questions.

Courses FS 2017

Number Unit Lecturer
701-0268-00L Biodiversity Excursions  J. Jokela,
A. Funk,
M. Greeff
701-1462-00L Evolution of Social Behavior and Biological Communication  M. Mescher
751-1000-00L Interdisciplinary Project Work  L. Meile,
H. Adelmann,
N. Buchmann,
E. Buff Keller,
C. De Moraes,
B. Dorn,
R. Finger,
P. A. Fischer,
E. Frossard,
C. Hartmann,
M. C. Härdi-Landerer,
G. Kaufmann,
M. Kreuzer,
U. Merz,
M. Schuppler,
M. Siegrist,
J. Six,
S. E. Ulbrich,
A. Walter
751-4802-00L System-Oriented Management of Herbivorous Insects II  D. Mazzi
751-5110-00L Insects in Agroecosystems  C. De Moraes,
F. Paschalidou

Courses HS 2016

Number Unit Lecturer
551-0117-00L Plant Volatiles in Plant Insect Interactions  S. Halloran,
K. Mauck
551-0435-00L Systematic Biology: Zoology  O. Y. Martin,
M. Greeff
751-4501-00L Phytomedicine: Entomology  C. De Moraes
751-4801-00L System-Oriented Management of Herbivore Insects I  D. Mazzi
751-4805-00L Recent Advances in Biocommunication  C. De Moraes
751-4811-00L Alien Organisms in Agriculture  J. Collatz,
M. Meissle
751-5121-00L Insect Ecology  R. R. Kariyat Ramachandran,
C. De Moraes,
M. Mescher
851-0101-53L Collections in Context: What Do Historians and Scientists Learn from Butterflies, Stones, and Bones?  B. Schär,
M. Greeff
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