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Herbivore-induced plant volatiles in natural and agricultural ecosystems: open questions and future prospects
Gish M, CM De Moraes & MC Mescher
Current Opinion in Insect Science
, 9 (2015): 1-6
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The role of plant sensory perception in plant–animal interactions
Mescher MC & CM De Moraes
Journal of Experimental Botany 66 (2) (2015): 425-433.
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Malaria-induced changes in host odors enhance mosquito attraction
De Moraes CM, NM Stanczyk, HS Betz, H Pulido, DG Sim, AF Read & MC Mescher
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 111 (30) (2014): 11079-11084.
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Plant biology: Pass the ammunition
Mescher, MC & CM De Moraes
Nature 510 (7504) (2014): 221-222.
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Exposure of Solidago altissima plants to volatile emissions of an insect antagonist (Eurosta solidaginis) deters subsequent herbivory
Helms, AM, CM De Moraes, JF Tooker & MC Mescher
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 110 (2013): 199-204.
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Deceptive chemical signals induced by a plant virus attract insect vectors to inferior hosts
Mauck, KE, CM De Moraes, & MC Mescher
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 107(8) (2010): 3600-3605.
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Volatile chemical cues guide host location and selection by parasitic plants
Runyon, JB, MC Mescher & CM De Moraes
Science 313 (2006): 1964-1967.
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Caterpillar-induced nocturnal plant volatiles repel conspecific females
De Moraes, CM, MC Mescher & JH Tumlinson
Nature 410 (2001): 577-580.
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Herbivore infested plants selectively attract parasitoids
De Moraes, CM, WJ Lewis, PW Paré and JH Tumlinson
Nature 393 (1998): 570-574.
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All publications since 2005

Effects of malaria infection on mosquito olfaction and behavior: extrapolating data to the field.
Nina M. Stanczyk, Mark C. Mescher, and Consuelo M. De Moraes
Current Opinion in Insect Science, (2017) Amsterdam: Elsevier.
Exploring the Effects of Plant Odors, from Tree Species of Differing Host Quality, on the Response of Lymantria dispar Males to Female Sex Pheromones.
Andrea C. McCormick, Jonathan Heyer, James W. Sims, Mark C. Mescher, and Consuelo M. de Moraes
Journal of Chemical Ecology, (2017) Berlin: Springer.
Non-glandular trichomes of solanum carolinense deter feeding by manduca sexta caterpillars and cause damage to the gut peritrophic matrix.
Rupesh R. Kariyat, Jason D. Smith, Andrew G. Stephenson, Consuelo M. de Moraes, and Mark C. Mescher
Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences, (2017) London: The Royal Society.
The volatile emission of a specialist herbivore alters patterns of plant defence, growth and flower production in a field population of goldenrod.
Eric C. Yip, Consuelo M. De Moraes, Mark C. Mescher, and John F. Tooker
Functional Ecology, (2017) Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell.
Variation in virus effects on host plant phenotypes and insect vector behavior: What can it teach us about virus evolution?
Kerry E. Mauck
Current Opinion in Virology, (2016) Amsterdam: Elsevier.
Effects of single and mixed infections of Bean pod mottle virus and Soybean mosaic virus on host-plant chemistry and host–vector interactions.
Maria Fernanda G.V. Peñaflor, Kerry E. Mauck, Kelly J. Alves, Consuelo M. De Moraes, and Mark C. Mescher
Functional Ecology, (2016) Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell.
Glucosinolates from host plants influence growth of the parasitic plant Cuscuta gronovii and its susceptibilityto aphid feeding.
Jason D. Smith, Melkamu G. Woldemariam, Mark C. Mescher, Georg Jander, and Consuelo M. De Moraes
Plant Physiology, (2016) Rockville, MD: American Society of Plant Physiologists.
Editorial overview: Biotic interactions: Communicative interactions of plants: plant biology in the age of information.
Consuelo M. De Moraes, and Mark C. Mescher
Current Opinion in Plant Biology, (2016) London: Elsevier.
Effects of pathogens on sensory-mediated interactions between plants and insect vectors.
Kerry E. Mauck, Consuelo M. De Moraes, and Mark C. Mescher
Current Opinion in Plant Biology, (2016) London: Elsevier.
Communicative interactions involving plants: information, evolution, and ecology.
Mark C. Mescher, and Ian S. Pearse
Current Opinion in Plant Biology, (2016) London: Elsevier.
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