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  • Dr. Hannier Pulido joined the lab from the Pennsylvania State University, USA


  • Harriet Lambert joined our group for a PhD
  • Franciele Dos Santos joined the group as a guest Phd student from the University of São Paulo, Brasil
  • Corinne Hertäg started her PhD with our group
  • Congratulations to Dr. Kerry Mauck for the job as Assistant Professor at the University of California Riverside, USA


  • Tobias Löser has been awarded a PSC Syngenta Fellowship
  • Dr. Foteini Paschalidou joined the lab from the Marcel Dicke lab at Wageningen UR in the Netherlands
  • Dr. Nina Stanczyk joined the Malaria Gates project from The Medical Entomology group run by James Logan at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
  • Jichang Zhang started his PhD with our group


  • Congratulations to Dr. Andrea McCormick for the job at Massey University in Palmerston North, NZ
  • Dr. Kerry Mauck was awarded an ETH Zurich Postdoctoral Fellowship
  • Dr. Andrea McCormick was awarded an International Post doc Fellowship Programme in Plant Sciences
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